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OSI - Royalty - A Princess's Name Day by SailorAlcyone OSI - Royalty - A Princess's Name Day by SailorAlcyone

Qualification Round:
Round 1 - Civilian:
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Round 3 - Past Life:
Round 4 - Swimsuit:


Soft lights flickered everywhere, illuminating the lavishly decorated ballroom. Ethereal curtains seemed to float around the massive gilded windows as they swirled with the breeze, mirroring all the beautiful dresses that moved and danced across the marble floor. Elegant women in these long, flowing dresses held bright smiles on their faces as they were twirled in unison by their respective courtiers, husbands and Royal Escort alike, to a gorgeous melody that had everyone in high spirits. Of course, in some cases, the sweet wine helped as well.

Today was a day to remember. A Historic event that would be sung across the stars for eternity. Everyone who was anyone was here, for today was the Princess's Name Day. None had seen her yet and the chatter over how beautiful, how adorable, how precious and how like her mother she would be was in every corner. The babe with the bright blue eyes and platinum hair. The excitement hovered overhead, adding to the air of joy as still more and more guests arrived. Each was escorted to the main hall where they were Announced, full titles given, and each in turn was greeted personally by the King and Queen of the Moon, thanked for coming all the way from whichever Star System or Planet they hailed from. Gifts were given and soon enough, each guest was politely ushered out to the ballroom downstairs to make way for whomever was waiting next in line.

"Uuuugh this is taking forever, my feet hurrrrt." Maia moaned, shifting her weight from foot to foot. The heels that had been selected for her had so many straps they were digging into her ankles and felt more like restraints than shoes. She much preferred boots or even barefoot if she could get away with it.

Her sisters laughed softly, and her Mother could only shake her head and smile at the young girl. "Soon enough, my darling. Once we are in the ballroom you are more than welcome to take off your shoes. Just watch out for others. You don't want to be stepped on, now do you?" Lady Pleione wrapped her arm around her second youngest and gave her cheek a kiss, grinning up at her husband with a look that said "Where ever does she get it from? Lord Atlas coughed sheepishly and quit trying to loosen his cravat. Thankfully for Maia it was soon the Tauri sisters' turn. They were ushered in and introduced one at a time, each woman giving a respectful curtsy as their name was announced.

"My King and Queen," the neatly groomed doorsman bowed before their hosts, "May I introduce Lord Atlas and  Lady Pleione of Tauri, Pleides King and Queen and their daughters, Guardians of the Gates. The Eldest, Lady Eta Tauri. Lady Electra. Lady Sterope and Lady Atsterope. Lady Celaeno. Lady Taygeta. Lady Maia. And their youngest, Lady Celaeno."

They were greeted warmly and the adults made small talk for several minutes before they were finally allowed to move on. Maia breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't even out of the room before she was kicking off those damned foot binding excuses for shoes. The main hall opened up into a grand hallway, large open windows letting in the light from the sky. Tapestries of previous rulers, gorgeous landscapes from across the galaxies and mythical creatures decorated the length of the wall. At the end another large archway guided them down a set of glistening marble stairs that wrapped around an almost translucent pillar and into the grand ballroom where the music and laughter floated up to meet them. Spotting friends they hadn't seen in forever, each sister melded into the crowd. Eta Tauri lingered on the stairs for a moment, her hand resting on the smooth railing as she took in the colourful sights. She loved coming to these events, where she could lose herself in the joy of the Kingdoms. Such a change from the slates and greys of the Temple of the Gates.

"May I have this dance?" A black gloved hand closed gently around hers and she started, blinking rapidly. Dark eyes met her own and held her firmly. A blush crept across her cheeks and she smiled.

"I didn't expect to see you here," Eta Tauri picked up her skirt and came down the last of the steps.

"Why wouldn't I be? Good music, good food, good drink, gorgeous ladies," the man's sly grin said it all and Eta Tauri simply laughed.

"I should have known."

"Yes, you should have," he swept her close, wrapping an arm firmly around her waist and the pair joined in the milling throng of dancers.

Some time later, a crystalline bell rang out. Slowly the crowd quieted, turning their attention to the stairs. There stood the King and Queen of the Moon, so beautiful a pair that it seemed like they alone lit the room. Cradled in the Queens arms was a tiny wrapped bundle, so still, so quiet, so perfect.

The King stepped forward, holding out one hand to everyone, "Thank you all for coming to witness our greatest joy and share in this happy occasion." Though his voice was soft, it seemed to fill the room,
"Truly we are blessed, this day, to have such esteemed friends and family with us! It is an honour and we are humbled. And it is with great pleasure that we can introduce to you, your future Queen, our daughter, Princess Serenity!"

A gasp rose through the guests as the Queen carefully turned the child for all to see. She was indeed of fair skin and pale hair with the widest eyes only a child could have. And a smile that warmed hearts.


Oh man...had to get this done before I go away. I leave tomorrow for Vegas for a week and I totally gapped on doing this. I totally mismanaged my time.....I've been so tired lately, my hands were more shaky than usual. I know there are a few areas on here that reflect that but for the life of me I just.....yeah. But anyway. Despite that, despite the fudged background spiral staircase thing, I'm more or less good with this. I'm really wanting that dress though, dammit. Its not my usual colours but I want it all the same. lol

I wanted to also go for that "shojou" look, hence the sparklies and bubbles. I just hope I didn't overdo it. >.>

Copic Markers
Glitterglue on her bodice

Alcyone belongs to me :iconsailoralcyone:
Heta belongs to :iconsir-frog:
Sailor Moon 'verse belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Bubble Stock by :iconfalln-stock:

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Lucithea Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
very impressive. Alcyone very beautiful and cute, mimimi ^^ and dress so royal )
SailorAlcyone Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like her! And I LOVE this dress too. I kind of want to steal it for myself. Haha!
Lucithea Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
no prob)
Understood you) I want to steal dress it for myself, too ^^ ideally - if it dress was burgundy... but! sea-green goes well with red hair))))))))
SailorAlcyone Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooou burgundy would be gorgeous! Or purple!
Lucithea Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ooo, purple - one of my favorite colors ^^
Oh, BTW... I'm sorry, I did not see the information on this subject on you gallery, but would like to ask: how do you feel about arttrade? ^^'''''
SailorAlcyone Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe my favourite colour too! <3

And I don't advertise trades because I used to get bombarded by everyone to do them. lol I would love to do one with you though! If you don't mind waiting until after the Christmas holidays. lol
Lucithea Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
I understand you, no advertising.
Oh, it's wonderful! Unexpected response. I understand that means - yes, you agree. If I draw Alcyone, you will draw Laijer ^^ Cool. But I was not able to correctly translate your words about the Christmas holidays. You offered AFTER them? I do not mind ^^
I look forward illustrate for me, but for now, see >>>
SailorAlcyone Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so very excited to get to draw your Laijer! It will just take me til after Christmas because my job is so busy this time of year. But yours will be the first drawing I do after the holidays! Thank you again so much for Alcyone! I just love her so much!
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