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True Facts about Landon Shepherd

Journal Entry: Thu May 5, 2016, 10:50 AM

So I'm slow. XD Others had done these months and months ago. What can I say? My sin is sloth. XD But finally managed to compile a list of facts lol I will add to it as new things pop up and as I remember others I'd forgotten. Feel free to ask any questions of him and this list! It'll help me flesh out more! RP's also welcomed so by all means ask him something in character too if you want! <3


:bulletblue: Lan was born in Westminster, UK, an inner London Burrough.

:bulletblue: He moved to the US when he was 4, and over the years has lost much of his accent, though when he's super tired or stressed or growly, it tends to come out. He also slips into it ever so slightly (there's a distinct shift in his pronunciation) when he's at home and been around his mother for extended periods of time as she still retains her full accent.

:bulletblue: Over the past 18 years, out of all the friends he's ever had (which, honestly, isn't a lot), Catori is the first to meet his family. He rarely even speaks about them unless directly asked.

:bulletblue: His full name is Landon Emmett James Shepherd. Only Moni and Catori know this.

:bulletblue: In general, he doesn't talk about himself or his life, period. If people wanna know things about him, they gotta really corner him, otherwise he has a habit of changing the subject. This is slowly changing as he gradually opens up his personal life to others.

:bulletblue: Lan pays for his parent's place. Rent, utilities, groceries, everything they and his sister need so they don't have to worry about money. Thanks to his work buddy Jer, he invested a good chunk of his and his father's inheritance from when his grandfather died so he's able to keep things comfortable. They are by no means "well off" but neither are they "hard done by". Lan tends to sacrifice things for himself in order to shift money to them. He's very stingy when it comes to shopping and will usually go for the cheapest things.

:bulletblue: Because of this his own place is rather sparse. Everything in his own apartment, including clothing, he either found, got really cheap or came from Jer.

:bulletblue: Despite this, his one indulgence for himself is take out/delivery. Rarely will he cook when it's just him, opting to eat out instead. There's a quaint little Italian Restaurant near his place that knows him by name and lets him hold a tab, and he's got several other places on speed dial. He does however help cook when he's at his parents place.

:bulletblue: When he does cook, he does most of it with a pair of thick 1'5" chopsticks.

:bulletblue: In civilian form, he's never without a necklace of some kind. He feels naked without one. The vast majority of them have come from his little sister, Jess who sometimes makes them for him.

:bulletblue: He does in fact have a tattoo. He got it shortly after his grandfather passed away. It's his grandfather's military ID # (31040671) on the inside of his left wrist. Typically covered by his watch. Lately he's been considering getting more but has no idea what to get.

:bulletblue: Lan is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and has excess stores of energy. As such, when he's not working or taking care of his family, he's usually found outdoors (or in, depending on the sport) playing some sort of sports game, basketball, swimming, running, free running (and now parkour thanks to Barus and Catori), volleyball, indoor climbing or practicing one of his martial arts; boxing, grappling/take downs, krav maga, eskrima/kali, kick boxing, among others. He's always eager to learn more.

:bulletblue: When he's not doing any of the above, he's at the Georgia Property constantly helping Catori, her Uncle Cliff, Griffe, etc, to repair and improve all the training facilities there.

:bulletblue: When he stays in any city, he sleeps with earplugs in. He doesn't do this at the Moxie Ranch or Georgia Property.

:bulletblue: He hates sleeping by himself. He suffers from nightmares and insomnia which is half the reason he does so much physically. It's so he can wear himself out to exhaustion so he can sleep like the dead. However now that he spends nights with Catori, he seems to actually be getting real sleep as she tends to use her mental abilities to soothe his mind. It took him several months to realize she was doing that. And now with the addition of his newly gifted giant fluffball of a dog from Arina, a Samoyed named Caine, he's finding it easier to sleep at home when no one else is around.

:bulletblue: Caine-dog, when not stretched out against Lan's back, prefers to sleep on Lan's face or back. He is strangely okay with this and finds he actually misses the massive fluffball when he's not there.

:bulletblue: Lan is not an animal person, in particular he cannot stand birds. Especially "talkative" ones (Grumpy owl and dove are exceptions XD). Because of Arina, though, he's learning to tolerate dogs. (okay so he actually LIKES Caine-dog now)

:bulletblue: He's allergic to floral perfumes/scents. Overpowering perfumes in general will make him cough and have sneezing fits, but the floral ones in particular make it hard for him to breathe. Floral scented soaps etc also cause him issues.

:bulletblue: Even though he's been in Florida for the better part of a decade, he's not once ever been to Disney World or Universal Orlando. Both of his sisters have gone with their friends for fun weekends, but not him. Whenever asked why, he simply says he doesn't care to "make that long ass drive."

:new: :bulletblue: In the same vein, he's never taken a REAL vacation. A couple days off to relax at home don't count. Any vacation time he's ever used up was either to recover from doing something stupid as Lupus and injuring himself, or to stay with his parents to fix up their place. He's never gone anywhere other than home for his vacation time.

:bulletblue: He has a paintball team, The Smooth Criminals, with Barus, Les, Griffe and Dmitri to rival Catori and her Cherry Bombs. He welcomes new members!

:bulletblue: He is claustrophobic and absolutely hates the CW's med pods.

:bulletblue: He used to be fairly arrogant and cocky about his abilities and strengths as Lupus, never having really dealt with or fought anyone "Magcial" before. His first meeting with Zayn quickly changed his perception on his mortality and made him think about others and his actions a lot more.

:bulletblue: He now feels he needs to take on the vast majority of the CS responsibilities where he can so he can save others from the pain and stress. IE he needs several good smacks about letting others help and giving up control... >.> (by all means, message me if you wanna help him learn this lol )

:bulletblue: He is especially protective of Kiku and Baegjo as they remind him of his littlest sister.

:bulletblue: He hates celebrating his birthday and hasn't cared much for it since he lived with his Aunt. She and her side of the family never put much emphasis on his birthday, preferring to focus on themselves so it became "just another day" to him that was spent having a quiet tea with his mom and dad which was he just learned to accept. This is still how he feels to this day. However, when it comes to OTHER'S birthdays, he loves making the day special for them.

:bulletblue: Along with Griffe, Dmitri and Catori's brother Tim, he frequently goes to cons and signings dressed as Moni's Yaoi characters, who are really based on them anyway. >.>

:bulletblue: He has a secret account on her website and interacts with her fans as an anonymous fan and "Encourages" them and her.

:bulletblue: His Lupus cloak is actually named; Cloakie, and it is referred to as such by him as if it were a real sentient being.

:bulletblue: He has done charity work in the past through his precinct. "Cops for Cancer" and shaved his head several times, as well as Calendars and auctions/been auctioned off for various things.

:bulletblue: His work partner of 6 years is Jerome "Jer" Jackson (sometimes called JJ by Lan, while Jer is the only person who ever calls Lan "Shep") and is a 6'7" tall smack-talking African-American who knows all about Lan's "Magical Girl" duties. He doesn't know details, but he's seen Lan transform and, though he lovingly makes jokes about it, helps to cover Lan's ass with any absences needed. Closest person Lan has to a best friend outside of the CW.

:bulletblue: Priss's boyfriend Dmirti is a very close second to that title as they hang out more and "discuss" their respective girlfriends. WolfOwl BROTP

:bulletblue: Lan is a partial geek/geek in training when it comes to some things. He's dabbled a bit in comic books, mostly the older ones so he's not fully caught up on the new storylines, but he loves the movies and Wikipedia has helped him catch up on anything new. He was big into video games, mostly fighters and the rpgs (Final Fantasy 7 is best Final Fantasy) and has a secret love for Pokemon thanks to his sisters. More often than not he'd "help" them through their games and catch a bunch for them they didn't have. He still sometimes plays Jess's game. He can name close to 500 of them. The newer ones still baffle him and he thinks the creators just took to pulling random words out of hats to name the new ones. He was more recently introduced to Doctor Who and is all about 10 and Doctor Donna.

:bulletblue: He knows all the words to all the Backstreet Boys songs and the dance to "Everybody".

:bulletblue: He drives a black and blue 1967 Chevy Impala. It was his grandfather's that Lan fixed up after his passing. No he has never seen "Supernatural". >.> He keeps being told this needs to be remedied.

:bulletblue: Lan is partially colourblind. He has issues with warm colours, reds, browns, oranges, pinks and purples. This is why he tends to favour blues and greens for clothing. Or just black and white.

:bulletblue: He would never admit it, and doesn't think he does, but he has PTSD both from the "accident" with his parents, and the relationship with She-Beast. He thinks he's gotten a fairly good handle on it all mentally and gotten past it all.

:bulletblue: Every time he encounters Sutakira though, he is proven wrong and he pulls away for several days to collect himself.

:bulletblue: He was in the military for a year before deciding it wasn't quite up his alley, but during his time he developed a love for rifles and whenever he's visiting Cliff, he spends a good deal of time helping to clean and "test" all of Cliff's guns, particularly the sniper.

:bulletblue: When deep in thought or strategizing, he has a tendency to chew on his tongue.

:bulletblue: He sports a fair amount of small faded scars just from his job, training and ex-girlfriend "She-Beast", and several more in even lines of 3's across his chest, up his arms and neck thanks to Null, as well as one long, very old and prominent white one across his right side just under his armpit.

:bulletblue: When training with Catori, he has his earbuds in and ipod on loudly so she can't read his mind for his movements and so he can learn to rely on his other senses other than hearing to fight.

:bulletblue: Lan does indeed Manscape. Underarms too. >.>


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