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8 Facts - Added AmeDra and M70

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 7:47 AM
Got nailed by Shade-Arts XDD Thaaaanks. I have such a hard time coming up with these things lol Dammit all. 


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character. Or the same character, I'm sure I could come up with a few more facts :>)

Character: Jun
Amethyst Rogue: Murasaki Jun by SailorAlcyone

1. Jun is actually far sighted. He does have glasses, but damned if anyone can find them. He LOATHES them. He only ever wears them when he's working alone in his computer room, usually really late at night when everyone else is asleep. Even Frankie has yet to discover this fact. When he knows she might pop by, he actually wears contacts even though they screw with his long distance vision. Despite hating that he has to wear them, he actually finds glasses adorable on girls. >:3

2. He hates rice. Like, detests with a burning passion. "But Cake!" you say, "He's Japanese!" I know right? XD He's had so much of it over his years that he can barely stand the smell of it any more. He'll eat it if he absolutely has to, but he'd rather avoid it thankyouverymuch. 

3. He, like Ame, used to practice Shinto and to this day is an actual legit and legal Priest with the capacity to actually marry people. Though while Ame still very much follows, practices and exemplifies Shinto, he's a lot more....laid back...with his own followings and rarely actually mentions anything about it. 

4. Jun has a secret love for Karaoke. Especially anything and everything J-pop, his favourites being T.M. Revolution and Gackt. He tends to listen to them when he's coding, but you'd have to get him really, really REALLY drunk before he'd actually sing them in front of people. 

5. All the tattoos he's got have actually be done via the traditional method of tebori, or hand tattooing. 

6. The only pilik he actually likes is Lu's Lilith. He'll let her sit in his lap and snuggle up to him and he'll pet her and talk to her and sneak her treats when no-one is around. The two share a strange "Diabolical-evil-mastermind-and-token-evil-pet-to-stroke-and-laugh-maniacally-together" relationship that's oddly adorable even it if is usually fueled by heavy and massive doses of caffeine and lack of sleep.

7. He's a fidgeter. Hard core. If his hands aren't doing something, he gets really aggravated and annoyed. It's why he tinkers with all kinds of things, builds other random things and is a brilliant coder/hacker. He built his own computer systems, the caverns systems, his motorbike, and swears up and down one day he's gonna build himself "A goddamn Gundam if it kills him."

8. He may or may not be involved in Anonymous. >.> *cough* 


Character: Ruby
Sailor Shining Ruby Salamander by SailorAlcyone
As requested by TheGrumpyPanda and TenshiNeera

1. Ruby learned sewing from her maternal grandmother. She used to help her stitch patches on blankets and mend various articles of clothing. With such a large family and not a lot of income, they needed to ensure things lasted as long as they could, which did mean a lot of hand-me-downs for clothing. Sometimes she still spends quiet nights with her Gran patching clothing.

2. She was never one of those girly girls who would plan her wedding or her prom or anything like that. She couldn't really care less about it all. If it happens, she'll deal with it when it happens. She'd rather put her energy and thoughts to better things like her costuming or video gaming. 

3. Growing up, she was more of a tom boy than anything, chasing after her older brothers and climbing anything and everything she could with them. She refused to be left behind by them and even if it took her much longer to get over and obstacle, she wouldn't give up. To this day she still loves to climb things and sit up high if she can. But don't ask her to cross something narrow. She can climb like a monkey, but her balance leaves something to be desired. XD Not that it stops her lol

4. Her parents used to think she had inner ear issues or even Vertigo because of how often she'd fall over or off something and as a child, it took her a lot longer to learn how to walk than most infants. Even now, if she's seated on the ground, she'll crawl over to someone or something instead of standing to walk. She's learned to compensate for the most part and barely even notices anything unless she's actually got to balance on something unusual. Cake's Notes on this: It's because she hasn't gotten her tail yet XDD

5. Ruby may be underage, but she's been allowed to have drinks at family gatherings since she was 14. She prefers Ciders and the sweeter wines but has been known to intentionally give her brothers and mother heart attacks by getting in on the tequila shots with their dad. Papa Carreira finds it hilarious and is oh so proud of his girl. 

6. She loves K-Pop and J-pop and can sing a great many of the songs, but damned if she knows what she's singing about. She understands words here and there and a few choice sentences, but doesn't know nearly enough to actually have a conversation. She would love to learn more though and pesters Kyung-Mi ( WingsForDreams ) and Kira ( SolarMiko ) to teach her more. 

7. The one thing more than anything else she wants to do before she dies is sky dive. She's been on planes before and has gone with Lu ( nickyflamingo ) for some paragliding, but she wants to be able to feel what it's like to really free fall (and be safe XD ). She's a little jealous of all the Crystal girls with wings as she always thought that if she ever got a super power, it would be flight. XD Skydiving will have to suffice instead. 

8. Once she finishes school, she hopes she can get into some form of clothing design classes, though the idea of doing anything Fashion related makes her want to cringe and blow stuff up. She'd prefer to get into costuming for movies or something, but knows she'll have to eventually bite the bullet and take Fashion Design at some point so she can properly get her degree. 


Character: AU Lan
CS - Society of the Constellations: Lupus by SailorAlcyone  CS Pokemon AU - Trainer Lan by SailorAlcyone
As requested by unisamas

1. PokemonAU: A few of Lan's pokemon's names come from some of my favourite books. In particular Jenner, his Raichu, so named after Jenner the Rat from "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHby Robert C. O'Brien, and Nicodarius, his Latios who was named after a dragon in "The Watershed Trilogy" by Douglas Niles. Nicodarious is also the name of my oldest furbaby. XD

2. PokemonAU: Jet the Pangoro still sometimes tries to get piggy backs from Lan when he's particularly lazy. Lan can usually make it about 4 steps before he just falls on his face and the two lay there too stubborn to move. 

3. PokemonAU: Lan doesn't know how to whistle tunes, in any AU/Canon capacity. He can do the high pitched shrill whistle to get people's attention, but not actually how to properly whistle. As such, he's developed a secret hatred of whistling and will twitch whenever he hears anyone doing it. 

4. PokemonAU: Despite his many flirtings with pretty much any and every female he encounters (and Dmi), he really just would like to settle down and have his own family. 

5. SocietyAU: Unlike any other version of Lan, this one is a lot more nihilistic on life and has no illusions about living a long and happy life. As such, he intends to live fast and furious and to the fullest of his abilities before his inevitable death, likely in the field, preferably taking as many vamps down as he can rather than slowly going insane from the curse. 

6. SocietyAU: *slight warning on this one* He has, on many an occasion when he was younger, contemplated taking his own life to spare everyone his outbursts and his potential mental breakdown. He doesn't know for sure if it'll happen, he's heard stories, but he's also heard plenty of people living just fine with it. Moni helps keep him grounded well enough that he's never actually tried to do anything though and now doesn't think much on it.

7. SocietyAU: Instead, he spends his alone time thinking of just how he's going to exact revenge on not only the Vampires who killed their parents, but the Werewolf that cursed him. He's got several long and detailed drawn out torturous options planned out depending on certain scenarios and the where and how he finally catches one of them. 

8. SocietyAU: When he's bored, he'll shapeshift into regular wolf form and roam around just cuz. More often than not, if he's not on a mission or researching or having sexy times with one (or all) of his several lovers, he can be typically seen and found in this form napping somewhere warm.


Character: Amethyst Dragon
Sailor Mythic Amethyst Dragon by SailorAlcyone
as requested by Diluculi

1. The form she typically has while at the Caverns, the super tall half dragon woman with purple skin, is actually her natural form. Her human form is a forced magical guise! 

2. Her powers, like those of all the Trinity members, are fueled by the Crystal Caverns and the power surges from the Crystal Animamates. As the Animamates grow stronger, so do the Trinity. This means however, that the further away from the Caverns they get, the less of their powers they are able to use. As such, any time Ame is on the surface at work or doing human things (like going on a date *^* ), all her available power is diverted to maintaining her human guise and she cannot actually transform into Mythic Sailor Amethyst Dragon. At least not fully. At BEST, if she needed to, she could transform into a regular, human looking senshi much like the other girls, with only a fraction of her powers. 

3. She was married once before, as a "human", over a century ago! She even had a family for a short time. TT^TT 

4. She doesn't actually have parents. She came into being by a very different method, but shhh, spoilers! XD

5. Ame is very ritualistic in certain things, like bathing and making tea. She enjoys the long drawn out processes and methods of doing things as it gives her time to wind down, focus and relax. 

6. She has a stash of candied mangoes in her room for a certain lil purple bat. >.>

7. She's only ever been romantically involved with 3 people in her life, Lu ( nickyflamingo ) being the latest one.

8. She has to talk herself out of keeping all the product she brings in to her shop to herself. All those shiny pretty jewels, it's hard not to want to hoard them. XD Jun has on several occasions made her put something back into its display case. 


Character: Messier 70

Messier 70 Reference by SailorAlcyone
as requested by goddess-of-the-moon1 

1. Before she died and became Messier 70, she was a caretaker and teacher to her tribe's children. She and three other women taught all children how to act, play, fish, speak, draw, sew and cook. 

2. She could not read nor write at all. When she awoke as M70, it was one of the very first things she learned to do. As Messier 70, she now reads, writes and speaks over 60 languages, including several interstellar ones.

3. During her human life, she birthed a total of 9 children before she died in her mid thirties.

4. Even before becoming M70, she had telepathic powers, though she didn't understand them, nor did she ever tell anyone about them for fear of being branded possessed or a demon and killed.

5. Despite having had a husband when she was mortal, she always sort of knew her heart lay elsewhere. This was reconfirmed when she met Messier 1/Damkiana ( GabiStar ). Her heart and soul felt complete finally and it was the happiest day in any of her lives when Messier 1 returned her feelings.

6. Adanna never really thought about having children again since her awakening, but once Liv ( nickyflamingo ) came into her life, she could think of nothing more but taking in and raising the sweet lost child. Liv very quickly became her everything along with Damkiana and they are loving referred to as OTF (One True Family) <333

7. When she has nothing else to do, she prefers to spend her time rearranging her rooms or gardening. It isn't uncommon for her family to come home and she's moved chairs and furniture around again or changed the colours of the walls. When it comes to gardening, she loves the feeling and smell of dirt and grass and all kinds of flora and whenever she's outside, she is typically barefoot so she can feel it all.

8. She has used her own powers on herself, not only to prevent herself from being too strong, but also she has locked away all the memories of her former life as a regular human. It isn't because she finds them painful, rather she claims it isn't her anymore and she prefers to focus on the who she is right now and what she can do as a Messier.


TheGrumpyPanda - Liling
unisamas - Zayn
nickyflamingo - Lu
iCheddar - Bryce
WingsForDreams - Kevin *^*
LeyRose - Kachina
Shade-Arts - Hilla
Espeh - Iro
MermaidWitch94 - Ishtar
StefBani - Ceci
Anyone else who wants to XD


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